Welcome to Joanna Ransom Photography
I have worked as a photographer for over 10 years. My portfolio is always growing and new photo's being added. I work in a documentary style for events and can set up for more formal portraits as needed, I enjoy working outside with natural backgrounds and lighting for a more organic natural look.
I studied photography in college, however, I have learned more about people places and things by getting out and interacting with the subjects. I embrace stepping outside of my photography comfort zone and adding new skills to my camera bag and portfolio. Please enjoy my photos and check back often, it's constantly changing.
In the summer we are very busy with Car show's, Camping in the High Sierra's and Lake Trips around the Western United States. My Photos are the silent record of our adventures in and around California.
I am always learning and enjoy traveling and talking to people from all around the world. Their stories are a photograph in word form. The photograph only sometimes captures the true story.
My absolute favorite place to photograph is Bonneville during Speed Week. It is the perfect marriage of my two favorite things Cars and Nature. The environment is ideal for awesome photos.
I currently reside in Mariposa Ca. where there is a never-ending supply of photo opportunities and subjects. My goal is to work for a magazine that will not only challenge me but also encourage my talent.
I was raised in Mariposa Ca, I spent my childhood exploring the Sierra National Forest and Yosemite National Park. I have always had a passionate love for Cars and Nature. In 2000 I returned to college and obtained a degree in Photography.
I chose photography because I enjoy the medium and its ability to freeze time in a magical moment. I have always noticed details and patterns in my daily life that are special and deserve to be noticed by others.
You Can Also Find Videos of Our Adventures On My Vimeo Channel @ http://www.vimeo.com/joannaransom/videos
You Can Also Find My Videos On my Channel on youtube      LJR302000 
PhotobucketAll My Photography is Dedicated in Memory Of My Father Cliff Ransom He always encouraged, inspired, and challenged me to keep trying and pushing forward to achieve my goals.Photobucket